Punchestown - At The Races



What is the new ATR Player?
The new ATR Player allows users to watch At The Races across multiple platforms. This means you can watch your favourite programmes and racing live on desktop, mobile and also on iPad devices. Please note it is only available to users based in the UK and Ireland.


Why do I now have to pay for live video?
Our live video service has always been chargeable. For those of you who signed up to this prior to launch, you have enjoyed this service free of charge while we launched the new platform. This is now ready and available to all, so it will again be chargeable. The cost is £9.99 per month or €12.99 per month.


Can I sign up for an annual subscription?
Currently, we are only taking monthly subscriptions, but this is something we are looking at implementing in the near future. Please check attheraces.com for the latest information on the ATR Player.


Why has there been a price increase?
The new platform allows users to watch At The Races on multiple devices including mobile, desktop, and iPad. By subscribing to the service, you can also watch live video on our new app, simply log in and you're ready to go.


I subscribed but how do I cancel?
If you would like to cancel, simply email info@attheraces.com with your registered email address and let us know you would like to cancel this. The live video service is available free of charge to previous subscribers until Monday 21st September 2015, after which point you will need to re-join the service.


What racing is available on ATR Player?
You can watch all ATR racing from the UK as well as international action. You'll also have access to other elements of ATR's broadcast, including live shows such as Racing News, Get In! and The Sunday Forum.


What are the System Requirements to watch the Video?
ATR Player works best using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. Users should ideally have an operating system of Windows 7 or later for PCs and Sierra for Mac.


Where can I watch ATR Player?
You can only watch ATR Player if you are in the UK or Ireland. ATR Player will give you access to live racing on multiple platforms, including; iPad, desktop, and on your mobile device. You can also watch live video on the new At The Races app, which is available to download for both iPhone and Android. Simply log in to the app and enjoy the live video service.


I have been charged twice for this, what can I do?
Please email info@attheraces.com and we can look into this for you.